Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We can say that digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands using one or more forms through digital media. An advantage it has over traditional marketing is that it uses channels and methods that allow organizing and analyzing marketing campaigns, understanding what works and what does not, practically in real time.

Digital media is a constantly source of entertainment, news, information and social interaction, and consumers are constantly exposed not only to what your company says about your brand, but also to what the media, friends, relatives, etc. say. Digital media is essential, so that consumers have access to information at any time and in any place, they wish.

This does not mean that as a brand we should compete with natural persons, it is about talk with them in their language, make real connections, sharing from our brand personality in an entertaining way, that feels close and warm, pursue a real feedback. But how to be so close to them, make them trust us, show them our services and benefits? That’s why we do CONTENT.

Why? Well, people want brands they can trust, companies that know them, personalized and relevant communications, and offers adapted to their needs and preferences. Have you heard about EMAIL MARKETING? If your answer is “yes” perfect, you know what this is about. If you don’t know about this, let us tell you that you can strengthen brand recognition with new and potential clients with this strategy. email marketing gives you the ability to organize your audience into lists and communicate with people based on interest, purchase behavior, location, and more. You add your personal touch.

And what happen once you built a community who trust you, and after that you don’t have time enough to taking care of them? That’s a job for just one person: aCOMMUNITY MANAGER. Constancy is the key here; it is not just about attract traffic to the website, have an amazing content, boost sales, that’s not all. You need to be there all the time for your community. Someone who becomes in the voice of your brand is important for your company because this one keeps you actualized about necessities of your costumers, ensure that any issues are handled properly, to keep an eye on what their competitors do. They build relationships. They know how to listen.

Remember: advertising is an investment for your company; you always need to consider it on your budget. Thinking that saving some money avoiding Digital Marketing, is like to pretend to stop the watch to save the time.

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