Share = Love

Share = Love

A fact of the world 2.0 says that “you are what you share”
A share, worth more than a thousand likes, this action means that the content generated by the brand, caused a strong connection with the user. Voilá!

Does all content have to be thought of to be shared?

No necessarily. Your content has to be genuine, creative and designed to connect with your target audience. Think about this case:
A “diaper company” wants to make a campaign on Facebook, what do you think will connect more with your target?

A. Place a post with the benefits of the diaper.
B. A serie of 1 minute videos about confessions of new moms and their first change of a diaper.

Both options would be fine, but the videos transcend beyond the objective of selling: they connect with life itself.

So motivate yourself to create more human content!

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