3 Advices for a tasty-crunchy-yumi content for your restaurant

3 Advices for a tasty-crunchy-yumi content for your restaurant

What should I do to make people love my restaurant on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK? Well, there is not a magic potion for this. But, you can try with some different strategies. We know that in these days it is ALL about FOOD, and not regular food, it’s about AMAZING FOOD, the kind of food that makes you want to slip the tongue all over your phone. To make this happen with your profiles we have 3 advices.


Your food on real life must be exactly like the one on the picture, you can’t cheat your customers, you must have a good- and nice-looking plates, or a creative presentation that makes everyone go into INSTAGRAM and show to their friends what they are eating. Avoid disappoint them with fakes pictures. Show what you do.


Maybe your food at the place is good and looks awesome presented, but in the pictures looks really disgusting. If you can’t afford a professional photographer, you can make good pics using your phone for sure. Find a place with excellent light and follow some videos on YouTube. We recommend you this one.


Instagram is the ideal place to explain your business idea to the people. If you want to win the heart of your customers, make some giveaway that moves friends, family and new people to go and have a great time eating at your place!

Finally, always enjoy the process, remember Instagram and Facebook are about people’s life, you must be patience and sharing with them happiness, food and your brand personality.

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