Do I need influencers for my marketing strategy?

Do I need influencers for my marketing strategy?

It depends, nowadays it is common to hear our clients say: “I need 10 influencers with 100,000 followers”, they worry about the large number of followers and it’s fine, but they really do not know if the followers of these personalities are real potential customers for the brand. And this is a serious mistake.

13 Creative Group supports the micro-influencers, because we believe that these people are like you and me, that they have credibility among our followers, they follow us because they are our friends, family members or because they are interested in what we say. That is a real influence beyond numbers.

At this point, we believe it is preferable to evaluate which are your closest micro influencers and make a powerful strategy with them, that is credible and organically attracts people interested in your business or what you do.

As 13 Creative Group, we can help you build a very good marketing strategy to achieve your brand’s objectives. It sounds good right?

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