Stress-proof creativity!

Stress-proof creativity!

All of us who works in the digital field receives from time to time a terrifying visit, the “monster devours creativity”, an individual who loves to eat the motivation, enthusiasm and good ideas, which are the fundamental pillar of our trade.

You know that the monster has come to visit you when one morning you are watching the Instagram feed without stopping, doing Netflix zapping or reviewing WhatsApp unnecessary states, you see your list of pending and you do not have the disposition to sit down to create a single line, not a single idea…

Then you see your bed, it is waiting for you … and the MAGICAL thing happens, you fall irremediably exhausted in your bed. Sorry friend, you have been infected by the monster steals creativity, better known as PROCRASTIMONSTER, which leaves you infected with the terrible procrastination.

The first step to overcome these symptoms is to accept them, usually the monster chooses its victims very well, they are people who have a very agitated rhythm and do not stop thinking and thinking, creating and creating…

The process stops being a chaos when you recognize what is happening, and you accept it, you start to enjoy it and you adapt to that new routine of not producing anything, you just let yourself be infected by the monster.

The magic moment occurs when one day, everything you see bores you and your brain starts to react, a thought occupies your mind: It’s time to create, EVERYTHING IS VERY BORING! So you get up, you bathe and suddenly you cannot stop writing, the motivation has returned, the ideas, the desire to inspire and to CREATE have arrived again, we managed to defeat the PROCRASTIMONSTER.

For the monster not to return it is important:

Stay active but rested.

Be proactive but respect your space.

Create and rest.

Procrastinate and start over.

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