Why do I need a color palette on my social networks?

Why do I need a color palette on my social networks?

Think about a logo …

Any logo …

Of any brand …

Close your eyes and imagine that you are hanging out and go to McDonalds, being there their logo is now green and black. Would you like to eat at that place?


Now imagine that every day the logo has a different color, it is very probable that you feel lost and do not feel affinity with the brand. More than the name itself or the design, the colors of your brand, speak for themselves, they are the cover letter.


So if you are starting a project, we highly recommend you take a tiem for researching about the meaning of the colors, so you can be really sure of the effect of them of your logo, even on the perception of the consumers.


It is a good idea when you make a sketch of what you want for your logo, this will save you time and money when you will go with a professional designer, however, do not settle only with your sketch, it is important that a specialist advise you and give you the brand book of your brand.


It is better to do a good investment at the beginning. Trust us.

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